Inside Outside review

"Inside Outside" off the       HIGHSCORE album by

  Kilx Jxnes & WayneTheBro


Kilx Jxnes (@kilix.jxnes)   and WayneTheBro (@waynethebro) dropped their long awaited 15 track album, HIGHSCORE, now available on all platforms. I'm currently 11 tracks into the project myself and so far, I'm fucking with it, especially track 11 Inside Outside.  It’s a bop and the hook will be stuck in your head weeks after listening to it, making you want to listen to it again. I had the pleasure f seeing the duo perfom this track live  before they even dropped the project and I can say that defintly sold me. The chemistry between the two are strong and the it shows in their music, and the storytelling throught the alubm. 

I'm a big stickler for lyrics with meaning and they deliver on this track. I don't know if they working in a music video for it, i feel like they are, but still go spam them boys till they drop the music video!

Yall stay easy

                    - Envy


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