Sunday, March 3, 2019

Ca$h Nash “Live From the Streets Video

Virginia Beach artist, Ca$h Nash (_cashnash) drops a freestyle video, “Live From the Streets Freestyle.” Nash goes bar after bar for the entire three minutes proving once again, he has lyrical stamina, that in my opinion, is unmatched in this area. Tre P produced the visual on this one, so you know it’s tough (@theofficialtrep). Engineered by Biggz (thisisbiggz) and TreeZ (treezturnmeup) at DNA Studio in Norfolk, Va. 

By: @n3ss___

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Mason Taylor "One of Va's Top Producers"

Tell us about Mason Taylor? 
I would say a hard-working producer, but I like to say I'm a hard-working creative. I'm a person that likes to be in creative elements. In a week, I may be in the studio making 30 beats, at a video shoot helping out my brother, Joe Moore, or having a meeting talking about marketing for an upcoming project for an artist.

Tell us about your 2018 ups and downs.
It's been a lot of ups this year. For sure, the knowledge I've gained from Sonny Digital. He drops a lot of gems, so I just soak up the game he teaching. I was flying across the nation networking all year. Joe put me in some great situations to meet a lot of people. One particular memory was being in Miami meeting Lil Wayne. That was surreal; something I still think about all the time. Also, songwriting & producing on 'On My Block'. That was dope. When Bee gave me that call, I was hype.

 I guess the only down would be is spending too much money in the strip club. In Atlanta, strip clubs are apart of the normal week so its easy to fall in love with the strip club.

What sets you different from other producers?
I'd say it's the work ethic. Even outside of cooking up in the studio, I'm reading about music theory, understanding chords, and working on engineering just to make the beats sound better. Music is truly an everyday thing for me.

Who would be your dream colab? 
My dream collab would be with Wiz Khalifa. He's the reason why I really got into music. The way how his come-up was transparent inspired me a lot. I still go back and look at those vlogs from 2010 to this day.

What do you think of today's music scene? 
I think its really everywhere. Its good for artists because it's so broad. There's so many sub-genres of rap now so literally any kind of person can enjoy their version of rap. The negative side to that could be that it's getting over-saturated and some people are risking their freedom for attention.
What’s next for Mason Taylor?
I'm doing some dope things with Sonny's label Rolling Records, so I'm excited for the world to hear that. We got some more Netflix work on the way as well. I'm going to the Grammy's this year, so that'll be a new experience for sure. Also, I'll be traveling to colleges spreading knowledge on the music industry and production. All in all, just more work, more good music, and more memories. God is great.

What word of advice would you give an producers coming up?
My biggest advice to producers would be to network & focus on your craft. Don't let anything get in the way of that. As simple as it sounds, it's so important. I was spending my last money on flights to LA just to "hope" something could happen. I haven't been in a serious relationship in 2 years because I'm just too focused on being in the studio. I'd also say to LEARN THE BUSINESS. Get a lawyer. Realize you can't do everything by yourself. I split workloads between my team every week to make sure things get done. Get a white board and write things down. That's helped me a lot this year. Last thing, stay prayed up. God is amazing. Your whole life can change in 365 days. Make every day count.

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Music Bag Music Group present Black Auerbach Brand New Feat. Verse Muney & Lyri check out link below

Dblock affiliated and Yonkers artist Large Amount sits down with us and talks past,present, an future 

VD- Tell us about large Amount?

LA- Large Amount is Hip Hop artist who resides and reps Yonkers NY .. Large Amount started out independent working with a small record company out of Northern VA when he was still in HighSchool .. He released a host of mixtapes and did countless performances around the country before releasing a compilation album with FAMM ENT which included other artist on the label at the time of its release. After a few years of grinding in the DMV area Large was determined to return to NY to take on the mixtape scene which was emerging with acts like G-Unit and Dip Set as well as a group that was from his home town Yonkers, D-Block/The LOX. Shortly after returning to NY Large was reintroduced to T-Waters, a childhood friend who had moved to Savanna Georgia and spent his teenage years in the south rapping and building a fan base. Together the two along with other child hood friends Buxalano, Black Jesus, and King Tuh they formed the group Gangsta Click. T-Waters later signed a deal with Jermain Dupri’s SoSo Def label and Large accompanied Waters to ATL and was apart of the journey. I learned a lot working with T-Waters and being around the whole situation an I’ll always be thankful to Waters and his family for taking me in and involving me in that process. Three years later Waters had parted ways with SoSo Def and it was time for me to step up to the plate and take my shot at new found success. I returned to NY again but this time I had a plan. My plan was to join D-Block. I knew I was nice I just had to get the LOX to know it too. I knew they heard of me because I was putting in my work an I bumped into the LOX quite a bit while traveling with Waters. So SP saw me at 354 one day and just walked up to me and said “you Large right?” I said “yea wassup SP” he said “I heard you was nice, let me hear something” I spit a verse I knew he would like based on the content, it was something deep I wrote a while ago. He liked it so much he took me straight to the studio to meet Poobs and Super Mario. The rest was history. He told everyone on Dblock that I was his new recruit and I took that and ran with it. 

VD - Tell us about your 2018 ups and downs

LA- 2018 was a good year. I had a chance to rebuild my team and we are now doing things or acting as a brand and moving like a label I would say. I went to A3C for the first time, I know I’m late but I been to sxsw and the revolt music conference this was something I had to be at as a independent artist. I think 2018 taught me a few things like don’t let one record cloud ya creativity because I saw artist make a lot of noise then get quite.. 2018 biggest struggle was dealing with YouTube and all these new promo and marketing tactics just tryna keep up and stay in the loop of all this new tech stuff. Overall the ups were music related we got good numbers on Spotify etc and we ain’t drop no videos or projects in 2018!we were really tryna find out what was working and what wasn’t in terms of promo and marketing our brand and sound ..

VD- what sets you different from other artist?

LA- What makes me different is I have elements about my style that are organic and nostalgic.. I grew up in the 90s-early2000s so that part of Hip Hop is embedded in my style and flow organically. I’m not tryna sound like Nas or AZ but if I do it’s because they were my biggest influences.. so my music a lot of times carries a nostalgic vibe. in the same sentence I can say if you hear me an I sound like I’m trying a newer style out an I sound like ASAP ferg or the record sounds like it should have young thug on it, it’s because that was the mood I was in at the time of recording that record or it just may be the type of flow the track I’m working on needed to sound great. I think I’m different because I can be SO different my range is outta this world in terms of versatility. 

VD- Who would be your dream colab?
What do you think of the music scene in Ny

LA- My dream Colab would be a song with Diddy because I know it would be a big club banger or a song with Jay Z in which I would let him select the topic, that’s a challenge I dream about.

I think the NY music scene is probably the best music scene in the world.. NY artist are mixing it up so much right now.. we got lyricisms we got swag we got it all. I mean you saw how 69 did his thing but you still got the A Boogie, French Montana, Cardi B, NIcki Minaj, Jay Z, Fab, KISS even new cats like Flip Dinero and Lil Tjay, Jay Critch I think his name is an I know I missing a few cats like ASAP mob and them but yea NY music I think has always been right at the top even tho we let other spots feel like they winning when it comes down to it we got the best acts out there so yea NY vs EVERYBODY lol

VD - My next move?

LA - is to complete the first move we still independent we wanna see our team blow up we believe we can be the next Roca Fella, MMG or Cash Money, No Limit etc we Flea Society and everything is Flea that’s why I changed my social media names to FleaBlock Large it’s always Dblock because I got my official start with them and they always got my back but just like they branches off from Ruff Ryders to start Dblock we branching of with this Flea Society thing. I releasing albums in 2019. I wanna drop at least 3 albums next year along with group projects with Flea Society my guy Natty Yosiah he is from Nigeria but resides in Mt Vernon NY and my Boy Nino/Dashi he is from Yonkers and has been with me for as long as I can remember. They are extremely talented solo artist but we have made some amazing records together that we are going to release and perform as well. 

VD - What word of advice would you give an artist coming up?

LA - Words of advice to an artist coming up is stay humble and stay hungry. If you can do it independently go that way. Learn as much as you can about marketing yourself and branding and get familiar with YouTube and all it can do 

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